Bought a Townhouse home in New Town, Key West, FL

I only wish that I could be articulate enough to describe what I consider to be an above exceptional experience with Roger.

He was responsive, knowledgeable, he understood the foreclosure process and walked me through it and was ahead of the seller in making sure the paperwork was correct.

On top  of that, Roger put me in contact with local roofers, inspectors and insurance providers that were knowledgeable about the area and gave me solid feedback on my property.

He contacted me on a regular basis and immediately responded to any question that I had.

It was a huge relief/comfort to work with Roger during the purchase of my property and anyone who is interested in purchasing a property in the Keys I would highly recommend him and suggest that you should contact him first.

[user5117770 – Bought a Townhouse home in New Town, Key West, FL]

— user5117770