Bought a Single-Family home in Cudjoe Key, FL

Roger was a wonderful Agent to work with. He was very attentive to our needs and worked very hard in a short period of time to make our dream come true. He went above and beyond all my expectation to find us the perfect home for our family to enjoy for many years to come.

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— straubcheryl

Bought a Single-Family home in Cudjoe Key, FL

We purchased a home in Cudjoe Gardens early in September in 2000 and can highly recommend the agent who worked with us, Roger Cousineau.

He was extremely professional, helpful, and informative. He went out of his way to meet all our requests and made the entire process of purchasing a home very pleasurable, indeed.

Since our permanent residence is out of state, we had a limited amount of time in the Keys.  Roger did considerable legwork for us to make the process of property location and acquisition efficient and painless. For example, he located and contacted the home builder and a pool installation company and made arrangements so that we could meet with them to discuss possible renovations. He secured copies of the blueprints for the home for us, even though this was something that the seller’s agent was supposed to accomplish. He provided contacts for insurance, banking, inspection, etc., and walked us through the agencies necessary to transfer all the utilities prior to the closing. We were able to confirm that the required repairs to the home were completed because of photos Roger made and e-mailed to us. In other words, Roger was all we could have hoped for and more.

Over the years we have explored job opportunities in various places across the country and have worked with real estate agents in these markets. Roger’s performance was clearly superior to any agent we have used. The degree of competence, professionalism, and enthusiasm he displays is all too often lacking in the service sector these days. We therefore doubly appreciated his efforts and have high regard of him.  Moreover, we made a new friend in the Keys that we can trust.

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